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Construction Equipment Blog

Tips For Buying The Best Used Construction Equipment

If you are planning to buy construction equipment, you should consider choosing quality machines that will serve for generations. A well-maintained crane or backhoe excavator may serve an individual or a construction company for decades. However, when shopping for used equipment, you need to make several serious considerations to ensure you purchase quality products without any mechanical malfunctioning.


First, you need to avoid purchasing a no-start equipment engine. Although warranties play a critical part in your decision to purchase a poorly functioning system, it is quite difficult to find a warranty on used construction equipment. If used equipment dealer does not offer warranty, you should not purchase pre-owned equipment with a no-start engine regardless of how you attractive the equipment appears. Additionally, you should inspect used ATCO Equipment for fluid leaks and ascertain balance levels. It is also necessary to ask for guidance on different controls even if you know what they are so that you can watch the dealer or the sales representative operate various sections and test fluid levels. Whatever your needs, if you notice mixture of coolant and oil, that piece of equipment may not be worth consideration.


Before making your final decisions, you need to go online and search for the costs of replacing critical parts of the construction equipment. Additionally, you need to search for pictures of variety of brand new equipment as well as their prices to help you figure out if the right price for used equipment. It is also important to compare welded changes to the original appearance paying special attention to structure of welding work to avoid used equipment with amateur modifications. However, you can ignore minor differences that arise from frequent repair and maintenance services. To learn more tips in buying used construction equipment, you can visit


Seizes or tripped multiple gear levels or transmission may be signs of serious issues with the previous owner. Unfortunately, you may not tell if the construction equipment had an issue once or several times, unless you access repair history. Hence, in all likelihood, repairing and maintaining a defective engine may probably cost you more than its current value. You should apply the same consideration when dealing with drive train components and differential with intricate gear sub-levels that may call for immediate replacement. It is also critical to assess effectiveness of previous maintenance services by inspecting areas of repair keenly. With the high number of used equipment available online, you can certainly pick reliable and affordable used construction equipment that suit your business needs.